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Presentation on SQL queries...

E-BALL computer video from my Youtube channel.

Intro video of my Youtube channel.

5 PEN COMPUTER Youtube video channel video.

World NO Tobacco Day 2014 - Raise taxes on Tobacco.


My SQL powerpoint presentation have been embedded in TECHGIG.COM is a culmination of everything related to technology, a platform exclusively for IT professionals to synergize, share, exchange ideas, facts and information as well as showcase their work and express their views on the vast repertoire that the IT industry encompasses. Garnering cutting edge views, reviews and news, jobs as well as providing a podium for connecting with your colleagues, peers are the mainstay of was launched by Times Business Solutions Limited (TBSL) which is the "life interactive" arm of The Times Group. TBSL believes in the power of internet and seeks to harness the impact that internet can create through providing global internet users innovative platforms for support and assistance in every aspect of their lives. is another such innovation from TBSL that believes in empowering the IT community.

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My presentations which got embedded in

My 5G Slideshare went viral on Twitter! 

I was included in the Awesome Tech Bloggers List on Twitter!